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The Marquesas

These mythical islands, where legends and stories are combined, are a paradise for divers. Far from the center of Indo-Pacific, the Marquesas Islands present an exceptional singularity and impressive levels of biodiversity with endemic species. Few divers have the privilege of exploring the breathtaking richness of these waters at the end of the world. Surrounded by shallow waters and seamounts, and almost devoid of reef structure, these distinctive habitats highlight the uniqueness of the marine environment. These various settings are home to many varieties of fish stone, frog, jack, tuna, barracuda, fusilier, moray eels…), crustaceans (crab, shrimp, lobster, sea urchin…), octopus and nudibranchs. The top draw are of course the sharks (Whitetip reef, Silvertip, Grey reef, Scalloped Hammerhead) and rays (Manta, Leopard, Stingray, Blotched Fantail). Even with visibility of about twenty meters in the best conditions, the marine life is rarely shy and allows very intimate encounters. While sailing and snorkeling, it is not uncommon to encounter Melon-Headed whales, Long Finned Pilot whales, other dolphins (Bottlenose, Spinner…) and Manta ballet.

Our diving cruises to the Marquesas Islands are a la carte , with a minimum of 8 days. They usually take place every 2 years from November to April, at the same times as Marquesas Festival. The Marquesas are a rare and unique adventure thanks to their magical location, in harmony with the elements.

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