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Special Events

From June to July, the Marbled Loches gather by the thousand to reproduce. Carpeting the bottom, their presence transforms the passes into an alternate universe. The females with bellies swollen by their eggs wait patiently for the full moon. The males confront each other in violent fights to demonstrate their superiority and their determination. Grey sharks and other top predators are excited by this unusual agitation. This spectacular event is unique in the world.

The Red Snappers meet from October to November. Colorful, dense and compact, their gigantic schools are several meters high and wide. The gathering of the Tamoure overlaps with that of the Red Snapper from September to October.

From November to March, at the time of eagle ray gatherings, it is not uncommon to see the Mokarran (Great Hammerhead shark) hunting in their pursuit. Massive and with a very high dorsal fin and falciform, its size is usually 4 meters but some individuals reach 6 meters. Opportunistic, this super predator does not hesitate to hunt larger specimens such as grey sharks and manta rays. Its imposing size and its majestic swimming demand the admiration and respect of the divers.

During the southern winter, from July to October, Humpback whales migrate to Polynesian waters to give birth. Their bewitching songs make the dives magical, but few divers have the chance to observe these giants of the sea. However, with a bit of luck, they can be seen during navigation. The dolphins (Spinner and Bottle nose) are much less shy and regularly come around the ships.



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