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Cruise Characteristics

Our diving cruises in the Tuamotu are à la carte , with a minimum of 8 days and take place all year round.

Marin life: Spectacular all year round, however some species are more common during their breeding, aggregation and migration season (See the chapter «Diving in the Tuamotus»).

Water:  : The temperature during the southern winter is 26 to 28° Celsius (79 to 83° Fahrenheit). During the southern summer the water is warmer, 28 to 31° Celsius (83 to 88° Fahrenheit). Visibility is 30 meters on average.

Recommended Dive Skill Levels: «Level 1 CMAS – PE40 », or « Level 2 CMAS », or Advanced with Deep Diver Specialty experienced, are recommended (drift dives, drop offs exposed to the swell, underwater cavities…), as well as a minimum of 100 dives in the sea. These minimum requirements will allow you to experience all the varied dive sites.

Courses:  Discovery dives and Deep Diver Specialty training are available on board.

During our cruises, 2 to 3 dives per day are organized around the passes and based on the currents.

Snorkeling and shore walks are possible most days. It is possible that the dive plans may be modified for weather reasons or more favorable wild life encounters.


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